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When seeking strategies for good health and disease prevention, it is important to know that most people lack calcium, vitamin C, B6, B12, D, E, zinc, and many other important vitamins. So few people are so deficient in these nutrients that they show signs of malnutrition but, these subtle deficiencies can put you at risk for disease. Thus, taking CHF #57 Immun Multi, which contains these needed vitamins and minerals, may help with any dietary imbalances or different nutritional needs.


Q link has been proven to reduce stress, increase focus and maximize concentration.
Wear the Q-Link and help tune up your biofield through a resonant effect that harmonizes your energy and helps you to manage everyday stress.
Research shows the Q-Link:
  • Amplified healthy energy levels
  • Reduction of harmful EMF effects from computers, cell phones, and other devices
  • World class athletes have shown improved mental focus and endurance
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