Permanent Makeup and Herpes

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Permanent makeup, tattooing, is a process where color pigment is deposited into the upper layer of skin.
This is also known as dermapigmentation and micropigmentation. Permanent makeup is used when a person doesn't want to apply makeup daily. The procedure uses tattoo ink and needles. The areas where pigment is implanted are eyeliner around the eyes, lips and lip liner, and eyebrows.

It is recommended to use a prophylactic oral antiviral medication before the procedure when working on the area around the mouth. Most technicians require all potential clients to get a prescription for an antiviral drug whether the patient knows of a positive history or not, since many people are asymptomatic. Using the antiviral medication before and 7-10 days after the procedure, can help control the viral outbreak.

If a client has an active cold sore before the procedure, they should reschedule until it is totally healed.

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